Yoga teacher

Graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. Specialized and recorded by the School of Arts and Trades of the Diputación de Barcelona.

Trained as a Yoga teacher with Ramón cases. He has taken several courses in anatomy and courses in body techniques at the School of Expression and Psychomotricity of Barcelona.

He teaches yoga classes in different centers, as well as plastic arts classes.



Yoga teacher

Trained as a yoga teacher by Ramon Cases at the Nil Yoga School, where he continues to assiduously attend to practice with the Master. Also follows the yogic practice with Sergio Martinez and Marina Bergamin. Formed in Sanskrit at the Devavani school by the hand of Miquel Peralta, he currently teaches Sanskrit and yoga philosophy to individuals and yoga centers.




Tai Chi, Chi Kung and body awareness teacher.

I discovered Tai Chi in the early 2000s, and soon afterwards I felt that I would hardly leave this path. More than seventeen years later I continue to travel and, fortunately, I still do not see the end. Since then I have not stopped practicing, learning, transmitting and marveling with this way of living and seeing life.

The Tai Chi school I practice is Yang. I am a disciple of the teacher Tew Wunnag. I have received training from various professors, some of them I want to mention: Miquel Àngel Cabrer, Juanolo Gutiérrez and Enric Mus.

I have been trained in Tai Chi Chuan, Tui Shou, Chi Kung for 6 years I am learning Yi Chuan.


Profesora de ioga Kundalini


I am a personal image consultant, a profession that I combine with guiding kundalini yoga classes.

I started more than a decade ago with the practice of this technology and later I trained in Shunia yoga at the hands of some direct disciples of Yogi Bhajan.

During my life I have gone through several difficult stages and the practice of Kundalini has always kept me in balance, for this reason I feel in the commitment to share with everyone this practice that aligns body, spirit and mind, to enjoy the benefits That it implies.

The kundakini makes you aware, elevates you, gives you strength and discipline, opens you up to intuition and helps you deal with everyday problems.




Terapia Psicocorporal


Trained in Gestalt Therapy, Bioenergetic and Character Psychocorporal Therapy, and Rio Open System Psychocorporal Therapy.

I like to accompany people in their life processes, in their changes, duels, or simply when they want to undertake a project and do not know where to start. I use in my work all the tools that I have acquired during my training, and above all I use one that I have acquired during my life experience, which I consider the most important; “Empathy” and resonance. ”




Master in Music Therapy, trained in Sonotherapy, Tibetan Bowls and Gong´s with different international teachers including a Tibetan Monk. Trained in Bioenergetics, MindFulness, Reiki and Meditation.

I have been teaching Tibetan bowls for 10 years, doing concerts with ancestral instruments and individual Sonotherapy sessions.



Mindfulness teacher

Born in Barcelona, ​​she graduates (without much vocation) in Economics and Business Studies from the Central University of Barcelona, ​​finishing her degree in Modena, Italy.

On his return to Spain, he begins working with different companies without feeling that this is where he would like to be and he begins to interest, since the 20 years in subjects such as yoga, humanistic psychology, and different therapeutic techniques. In this period he begins to know yoga in depth; meditation techniques and therefore travels several times to India (from the 30’s) to deepen in this field and offer there his services as a therapist in a foundation. For a decade he made several trips there, even staying to live a season in India working as a therapist and deepening the path.

After several years combining the work of economist in multinationals and median companies with the study of humanistic disciplines like Transactional Analysis and different therapeutic techniques (Zero Balancing, Reiki, Magnified Healing, Archetypes, Tagdrol healing, Kineseologia, Theta Healing etc), decides dropping out of work in companies and create with a partner, their own company welfare services company, Kena.

Kena offers different techniques of well-being and services to the companies and collaborates with big companies like General Electric, Font Vella, and also with numerous medium companies,

At the same time, he began to teach transactional analysis courses at the private university of Catalunya; Blanquerna directed to the public of professors and psychologists, and in centers of personal growth courses like emotional intelligence, stress management, Mindfulness …

Currently, his work focuses on giving training to companies and centers and attending private consultation to individuals.