In Glaum Yoga 4 different disciplines are being worked on: Hatha Yoga, Tai-chi, Mindfulness and Pilates.


Hatha Yoga:

Take care of the physical body and the balance of mental energies.

It includes: breathing, souls (yoga postures), concentration, meditation and relaxation.

The yoga that we practice follows the teachings of the teacher Ramon Casas, who proposes a corrective and evolutionary yoga, according to Nil Hahoutoff. Special emphasis is placed on the evolution of respiration and postural correction. Yoga is a union and everyone can practice it by applying it to their needs.




It is an “internal” martial art. It is the art of “not strength” that is capable of overcoming force; the language of softness that prevails over hardness. According to Tew Bunnang’s words, it is “the calligraphy of yin and yang”, the alternation between the receptive and the creative, the soft and the hard, the feminine and the masculine.



It teaches us to know how our consciousness works and to act without reacting. We can understand that it is the stress and its mechanisms learning to identify our emotions.




Its objective is the complete harmony between body and mind, places the spine as the axis on which all movements are articulated. A method with specific exercises for each muscle group.